Welcome to my site.. I am at the later part of my 30's, live in Monterrey, Mexico and enjoy computers, programming and reading. When I get sick of electronics, I enjoy astronomy, photography, trekking and beer.

I am originally from Gothenburg, Sweden but moved to Monterrey together with my wife in October 2019.

I spend time at Slashdot, Ars Technica, XKCD and NASA picture of the day.
I enjoy physics and science in general. When I get bored or find the time, I crank out some code, most likely in Perl. These days, I usually get my dose of regexes while restructuring SQL!

During daylight I work with business intelligence which includes modeling databases, integrating data, analysis and reporting. Since moving to Monterrey is a new endevour, let us see how it goes with business intelligence here..!
Updated at Dec 2019

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