About me: I enjoy computers, programming and reading. When I get sick of electronics, I enjoy astronomy, photography, trekking and beer. And traveling and meeting people. A lot.

I've built my own drone basing on guides and learning, so I know how to approach an entirely new area and make it my own. That includes the period of suffering because you don't know anything about the knowledge area. But you survive and carry on -- usually.

I spend time at Slashdot, Ars Technica, XKCD and NASA picture of the day. Although these days I do less trekking and stargazing, they are habits I try to get back to, because they are fun and challenging.

I enjoy physics and science in general. When I get bored or find the time, I crank out some code, most likely in Perl. Currently I get my dose of programming and regexes while restructuring SQL (or Matillion code)!

At work I've found myself inching to do "architect" work, including advice, sound technological choice, etc. It's more challenging than it might sound, perhaps, since it needs to work with modern enterprises (cloud or multicloud and legacy).

Complexity is something I find to be troublesome and growing on cloud platforms. There's a lot of stuff to manage there that people are not used to (probably used to be managed by an IT department). Work within IT has shifted a lot onto personnel not experienced with the type of questions and problems posing them.

Modern challenges are "agile", planning, estimation and how to do things well. Not obvious things, I think. How to do team work efficiently is something that interest me.

I have the luxury of being able to learn new things on the job. For that I am forever grateful. I've been lucky in having excellent managers making that possible.
Updated in March 2023 (pandemic "over" -- superceded with the war in Ukraine :~()